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The Armando Alvarez Group (AAG) from Spain is a world-leading plastics supplier for both the agricultural and industrial packaging markets. Alvaplast, an affiliate company of the Armando Alvarez Group, has been designed to offer only the best products available for today’s farming: greenhouse plastic covers, mulch plastic films, silage plastic, pond liner and geomembrane, twine and other specialty products. Multilayer films and mechanically superior products, specialty additives, long duration materials and cost effective crop management solutions are the core areas of our business proposal to the Turkish and surrounding markets......


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Plastics for Agriculture

Alvaplast offers greenhouse films, silage covers, mulch films and tunnel plastics using multilayer co-extrusion technology to offer long duration, specialty additives and competitively priced products for modern farmers...

Engineering Plastics

Alvaplast offers super-strength geomembrane products tested for the most demanding engineering projects and industrial works such as highways, tunnels, refuse-sites...

Industrial Plastics

Alvaplast offers the most extensive solutions to demands for industrial flexible packaging in the areas of extrusion, laminating and printing, converting ...

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