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ALVATECH 5002 geomembrane sheets for large engineering projects that require specific UV duration, resistance to highly corrosive chemicals and guarantee of non-porosity.

Used for applications such as: refuse sites, large water reservoirs, mining industry, water treatment reservoirs, road and tunnel construction, golf courses, etc.


  • Flat-die extruded Geomembrane made of High Density Polyethylene (97,5), Carbon black (2,5%), UV, Stabilizers, antioxidants, and thermal stabilizers.
  • Available in widths of up to 5,8 and 7,5 meters.
  • Thickness range 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5mm.
  • Each metre numbered and tracked for quality control and ease of installation.
  • Full compliance with UNE 104300 – EN ISO.
  • Latest flat die manufacturing technology and highly qualified staff.
  • Superior Welding Properties.
  • Highly resistant to tearing and puncture.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance to organic and inorganic solvents.
  • Minimum warranty 10 years.
  • Quality Assurance Certificate issued for each roll.


  • Wide range of thickness and lengths.
  • High quality resins.
  • ALVATECH 5002 is an environmentally friendly Geomembrane.
  • Other Geosynthetic products available.
  • Highly cost effective solution to waterproof applications.
  • Ex stock and on site delivery. Please contact