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Alvaplast manufactures greenhouse and tunnel plastic covers using multilayer co-extrusion technology. This permits us to achieve consistent product quality and specific product designs according to our customer’s needs.

Alvaplast offers a high quality product design that combines enhanced resistance to UV degradation and specific photo-selective properties for natural light transmission, diffusion or heat retention. Special additives can be used upon demand to design “tailor-made” products.
All films offered are manufactured in mixes of LDPE (Low Density Polythene) and EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) materials. Thickness ranges from 100 microns up to 200 microns for standard products and various widths are available up to 18 meters.

ALVASOL (UV): plastic designed for resistance to solar degradation with excellent balance of light transmission / diffusion that ensures photosynthesis efficiency and uniform plant growth.

ALVATHERM (UV+IR): plastic designed for extended duration and combines excellent balance of light transmission / diffusion together with IR retention for control of temperatures inside the greenhouse / tunnel. This permits to achieve good growth rates, maintain higher foliage temperatures, prevent the risk of scorching and frost damage as well as to reduce costs on night heating.

INDASOL: our top of the range plastic product, full EVA structure that combines optimal mechanical properties and excellent optical properties to ensure best adaptation to variable weather conditions (high temperature differentials, extreme winds,…).

Specialty Additives

By using multilayer co-extrusion technology most films can be designed to meet specific client demands based on climatic conditions and crop requirements. The main options available are:

Light diffusion enhancers: to achieve shading purposes and reduce temperature build-up under the plastic.
Light transmission enhancers: to achieve continuous growth in winter or low light conditions as well as crop precocity in normal conditions.
Anti-blackening: designed specifically for rose growers to achieve the control and elimination of the blackening of the petals.
Anti-drip: prevents dripping of condensation on plants and avoids transmission of diseases, plant erosion, excessive irrigation, etc.
Anti-virus: enables the control of certain diseases by reducing the sporulation of most relevant pathogenic fungi (botrytis, mildew, etc) as well as reducing the activity of vectors (white fly, thyrps, etc) that transmit those diseases.
Anti-dust: prevents fixation of dust and allows the maintenance of high levels of light transmission.
Anti-chemicals: permits higher resistance to breakdown of the plastic due contact with chemicals (sulphur,chlorine).