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Alvaplast manufactures high performance mulch films using multilayer co-extrusion technology in order to guarantee reinforced mechanical properties (elongation and product memory) as well as maximum tear resistance and guaranteed on-field duration.

The range of products designed for open field applications are ideal solutions for weed control, soil temperature control, fumigation, solarization, pest control, reducing water evaporation or creating micro climates as guarantees to advance and/or extend the growing season.

For use as mulch, these films are manufactured from LDPE, LLDPE or a mixture of both. Thicknesses range from 13,75 µ (55 gauge) to 50 µ (200 gauge) depending on the intended application.
For use on micro-tunnels these films are available in thickness ranging from 50 µ (200 gauge) to 125 µ (500 gauge) depending on their intended application.

All mulch and micro tunnel films are available with micro perforations and macro perforations (see product presentation) to enable insect pollination, easy planting and excellent air ventilation throughout the micro tunnel, or greenhouse if used as double chambers.

Standard Films

Transparent Film: constant growth and crop earliness.

Black Opaque Film: 0% light transmission is guaranteed.

Anti Drip Transparent Film: improves the passage of light through the film, especially in the first hours of daylight thus considerably increasing soil temperature as well as preventing heat loss during the night.

Photo-selective mulch films

A variety of mono and bi-coloured mulch films is available upon demand. Depending on types of crops and growth environment, different types of films can be used to achieve insect and disease control (thryps, white fly, botrytis, ...) improve photosynthesis, obtain optimal root temperature and weed control, etc.

Mono colour combinations include opaque white, silver, green, brown, etc.
Bi-colour combinations include white/black, silver/black, yellow/black, orange/brown, etc.


Perforations for mulch and micro tunnel films are available. They reduce time and labour costs and avoid damage to the plastic due to uncontrolled on-field puncturing.

  • Macro perforations: In diameters of 10 mm., 50 mm., and 80 mm., can be in parallel or triangle formation. Generally used as planting frames and can be adapted to crop requirements of irrigation lines, crop density, etc.
  • Multi perforations: In diameters of 10 mm, can be parallel or triangle formation. Used in a variety of crops as planting frame or floating cover (500 perforations per square meter)
  • Micro perforations: In diameters of 1 mm throughout the surface of the film to permit air ventilation and avoid scorching..