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The AAG-Agri Division is committed to continuous research and development of its silage products to enable customers worldwide to reduce storage and operational costs as well as assuring a high quality feed for the duration of the storage.

These goals are achieved by employing a combination of advanced manufacturing techniques with the latest generation of polythene resins and speciality additives as well as extensive on-field trial programme in various export markets.

All films are designed to cover fodder, grain, etc. and preserve its natural nutritional values. Impermeability to water is guaranteed and so is a low rate permeability to oxygen avoiding possible leakage of polluting gases. Specialty resins avoid premature UV degradation.

Colour combinations (black, white/black, green/black, green or white) are available to reduce excessive heating of the fodder and avoid unwanted fermentation as well as allowing to maintain balanced internal temperature.

  • Silage Sheets (Bunker Covers): 3 layer co-extruded LDPE/LLDPE sheets designed to offer excellent mechanical properties and resistance to tearing and impact in widths up to 18 meters.
  • Silage bags (Green-Bag ®): Developed for the fermentation and storage of animal feed, silage bags offer more flexibility and advantages than traditional silage applications. Silage bags can be used effectively with such crops as high-moisture grains, dry grain, chopped dry forage used in stables and feed lots. It allows for stand-alone forages such as corn, barley, sorghum, sugar beet, turnip, cabbage, as well as combinations like oats-barley, oats-corn. Available upon request. Please contact
  • Silage bale wrap (agri stretch film): high performance film which will run on all wrappers for use on both round and square bale silage. The technological design of the product reduces possibilities of tearing and puncturing while wrapping and provides an excellent air-tightness. Recommended for single or combi machines, high speed bale wrappers and extreme applications. Our products offer exceptional stretch properties, resistance and durability for outdoors exposure for grass, sugar beet or maize silage.Silograss® and SuperGrass® are manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion technology using only premium grade Dowlex® polyethylene resins to ensure top performance under all wrapping and weather conditions. More information available upon request. Please contact
  • Baler twine: UV stabilised PP baler twines for big square bales, round bales and small square bales. Fibrillated and twisted twine that is excellent strength for high tension applications. Available upon request. Please contact