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Soil Disinfection

Solarization Film: increases the soil temperature over 43 C for higher efficiency (>90%) of elimination of fungal pathogens (sclerotinia, phytophthora, rhizoptonia, fusarium) and reducing the time necessary for efficient solarization (48 hours).
VIF Film (Virtually Impermeable Film): ensures impermeability to methyl bromide and other toxic gases. Sol VIF guarantees a maximum permeability to MB gas of 0,12 gr/m2h. Thus reducing costs and improving efficiency of chemical applications up to 50%.

Crop Precocity

Thermal Blanket: multi perforated floating covering to create a microclimate which favours crop development of better calibres and precocity.
Table Grape Cover: Specially developed tunnel film with reinforced lateral eyelets for easy anchorage.
Permits to reduce the impact of UV radiation on fruit as well as offers control of light intensity and prevents heat loss. Recommended for fruit ripening. Can also be used for cherry and other soft fruits (apricot, peach, etc).
Heavy duty protective cover: Specially laminated HDPE raffia product with a guarantee of 600 hours QUV, equivalent to 4 growing seasons. Designed specifically for use a lateral covering in windows and sides of tunnels and greenhouse. Can also be used as a protective cover for soft fruit protection as well as for extension of the season.
Tunnel film with side pockets: Specifically designed for application as a mini-tunnel cover to reduce damage of the film during ventilation process of the tunnels as well as to facilitate crop management during production and harvest.
Banana Ripening Bags: Bunch covers used to protect the fruit from bird, wind and sun damage and to improve its quality and increases of yields. Comes as a tube which slides up the bunch and ties loosely only at the top and is left open at the bottom. Cut off the flower bell 100 mm below the last hand to increase fruit size.

Ecofriendly farming

Hydroponic films/bags: white/black film used as a substrate support for hydroponic crops. Perforations are available upon demand. The bag presentation is specifically designed for use as a container for substrate in hydroponic growing systems. These closed bags permit an efficient control of nutrients, saving of water, reduction of plant diseases and shortening of the production cycle.
Biodegradable Mulch: Excellent for use 45-90 days, degrades completely into compost. Enhances soil fertilisation, reduces labour costs and optimises waste management.

Water Reservoirs

Co-extruded black LDPE sheeting with high resistance and long service life, co-extruded in a thickness of 250 µ -500 µ with highly weldable materials in the external layers and materials of excellent mechanical properties in the central layer.

Crop management

Raffia Tying Twine: Fibrillated raffia twine, smooth and UV resistant. The best solution for crop support inside greenhouses and tunnels offers a guide for the plant development and permits a correct maintenance during production.